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Claytronics: 3D Faxing. . . excuse me, what did you say?

I recently saw a special on the Discovery Channel that profiled 3D Faxing.  Yes you read correctly. Likewise, my jaw literally hit the floor while I was watching this special.  I managed to find a clip out on YouTube.  In more general form the subject is referred to 3D dynamic rendering. Claytronics refers to the research project currently underway at Carnegie Mellon.  Here is the clip of what is coming of the lab shortly to a store near you.  Timeline to-be-determined.

First Cut: Key Comparison of Apple/AT&T versus Google/T-Mobile.A

If you are looking for the nuts and bolts differentiators between the iPhone and HTC’s Dream see below: Apple iPhone: 1.  Known quantity.  Good, bad or indifferent it’s been on the market for a full year plus. 2.  Fully programmable soft keys and interfaces makes the phone capable of handling change over time. 3.  Tight integration with photos and music.   Google G1 (i.e. HTC Dream): 1.  Full querty keyboard accessible via a slide away touch screen.  Similar to the interfaces created for the HTC 8525 deployed through AT&T. 2.  Google StreetView is integrated into a compass positional feature in […]

Google Apps – Gmail and the real value chain.

As I was setting up my own domain, my hosting provider (DreamHost — they are awesome!), offered something that I was not aware about.   I could use Google to manage my email.  Really? Having been a trusted user of Gmail when it came out years ago, I was ecstatic at the notion.  But to run it from my own domain?  Yep.  You can have and have it managed through Google using Google Apps. Corporate IT executives I believe are missing a huge opportunity to outsource their entire email infrastructure. Email has become one of the most vital pieces […]

The Private Beta – a lesson in innovation and research

Recently I was taking notice of more and more private betas which was really making me frustrated because if you are curious about a new product or service, you want to be allowed to try it. In short, the effect that most companies are going for I get and understand.  By virtue of being a curious person, If I can’t even poke under the covers then I become genuinely upset and. . . even more curious. As I was getting ready to write this entry, I did a quick tap on the Internet to see if anyone was talking about […]

Let the games begin!

Just as you thought all the excitement surrounding sport and competition was over with the closing of the games in Beijing, you are just in time for one of the most interesting face-offs in history:  Apple versus Google. For those not with a geek or technical focus, Google has developed a mobile phone software system and it has been code named Android. Very much like Google, they developed the system and then released it to the tech community with visions of fame and fortune in the form a of a contest for developers. With applications now written a very big […]

iPhone ActiveSync. . . the missing link.

Apple’s adoption of ActiveSync for the iPhone is awesome.  ActiveSync now makes it possible to get all of your corporate email, contacts, and calendar synced to your phone.  However, you have to use it exclusively. If I have personal contacts that I don’t want to be pushed to my corporate work account, I don’t have the ability of keeping them off the company’s server.  Or let’s say I want to mark my calendar with a particular appointment that I don’t want to have appear on my company sponsored account.  Not possible. Allowing the user to select what information is propagated and where […]

Bio-informatics. . . . the last place I would have thought?

This past weekend I went with the family to Orlando for a final fling of the summer and was reminded that it’s often times in the most unsuspecting places one finds bio-informatics.  When you enter the park at the Magic Kingdom you slide your ticket in and behold, place your right index finger on a touch pad for scanning.  A couple of things comes to mind:  What do they do with all that data?  Are my rights being violated?  Is it possible they are actually partnering with Homeland Security and hoping that the bad guys in their spare time are […]

Fuzer. . .one solution to email aggregation.

There appears to already be some movement afoot in the email aggregation space.  A new service is in private beta called Fuser.  This service does not attempt to replicate mail but effectively provides an interface that points and communicates to all the necessary systems under the covers.  I have checked it out and it appears to be compelling.  What I like right out of the box is that if you respond to a message, then it appears as if it came from that address.  I wonder if there is a mobile phone interface. . . like for the iPhone maybe? […]

Mobile email – caught between the push and the pull

I am getting very excited with the up and coming expiration of my existing cell phone contract.  I will be getting an iPhone.  My wife will have hers before me since she will qualify for the discounted price of the phone sooner but I anticipate that in the not too distant future I will also share in the experience.  I currently have an HTC phone running Windows Mobile 5.0.  I have had various mixed experiences with managing my email through this phone and it has dawned on me that there is a missing service:  a unified email portal that aggregates […]

Watch where you ‘P’ — OpenSorce Branding – Part 2

I have already commented on the power of snappy acronyms to aid in marketing an idea.  But like anything, be careful what you start because if OpenSource has taught us anything, having the freedom to go wherever the wind takes you may leave you explaining to everyone on how the boat ended up at SKULL Island.  I am not saying that you are going to be left to struggle with an 80 foot gorilla who goes by the name of Kong but let’s just say that after you fight through the ensuing confusion you might feel like you have.  What […]