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Standing tall while listening to the ‘Song of Silence’

The most difficult thing to experience when searching for a new opportunity is awaiting feedback.  You must keep your cool in the face of little to no feedback. This is a must! Accept the fact that you may never know ‘Why’ a particular company doesn’t pursue you and it has nothing to do with you specifically.  Jumping to the conclusions will tear you up inside so resist the urge. I always tell candidates that if it’s meant to be, it will happen.  This may sound trite and axiomatic, but the fact is that if a particular company does not handle […]

The role of a recruiter

I just read a post out on the Internet which was written barely a year ago which does a pretty good job of explaining what the value of a recruiter is in your overall search strategy and then goes on to explain the difference between a contingency and retained search recruiter.  Check out the post at your leisure. Cheryl Lynch Simpson advocates for retained search in the end exclusively and in doing so glosses over some basic facts.  There is not inherently greater value in retained versus contingency, each has it’s place, features, and role. Retained firms establish arrangements with […]

Watch where you ‘P’ — OpenSorce Branding – Part 2

I have already commented on the power of snappy acronyms to aid in marketing an idea.  But like anything, be careful what you start because if OpenSource has taught us anything, having the freedom to go wherever the wind takes you may leave you explaining to everyone on how the boat ended up at SKULL Island.  I am not saying that you are going to be left to struggle with an 80 foot gorilla who goes by the name of Kong but let’s just say that after you fight through the ensuing confusion you might feel like you have.  What […]