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Watch where you ‘P’ — OpenSorce Branding – Part 2

I have already commented on the power of snappy acronyms to aid in marketing an idea.  But like anything, be careful what you start because if OpenSource has taught us anything, having the freedom to go wherever the wind takes you may leave you explaining to everyone on how the boat ended up at SKULL Island.  I am not saying that you are going to be left to struggle with an 80 foot gorilla who goes by the name of Kong but let’s just say that after you fight through the ensuing confusion you might feel like you have.  What […]

Remember to FOSS – an observation in OpenSource branding – Part 1

I recently came across a term on LinkedIn – FOSS.  Aside from having an incredibly amazing sound to it – as acronyms go – I couldn’t help but wonder what possibly could it mean?  Being a bit of an acronym geek and proud of being able to discern almost anything, I felt a sudden loss in blood pressure when I realized that I had absolutely no clue.  For a moment I envisioned some sort of Gen-X Dental Hygiene Club that met on weekends to evaluate and test various types of dental floss.   Fortunately, I was wrong.  Free OpenSource Software […]