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Gmail Value Chain: Another little gem – Whakate.

Another little gem brought to you by the Gmail Value Chain. . . Whakate.  It posits itself as a community and project focused on the designing of one’s life.  Positioning itself against David Allen‘s Getting Things Done.   I am a huge fan of David Allen and my copy of GTD is very worn.  Maybe that is the point of Whakate when they say that GTD is too complex a system.  I have read David’s book, will tell you that I value it, and yet really have little to show in my external daily life that I give it so much […]

The Private Beta – a lesson in innovation and research

Recently I was taking notice of more and more private betas which was really making me frustrated because if you are curious about a new product or service, you want to be allowed to try it. In short, the effect that most companies are going for I get and understand.  By virtue of being a curious person, If I can’t even poke under the covers then I become genuinely upset and. . . even more curious. As I was getting ready to write this entry, I did a quick tap on the Internet to see if anyone was talking about […]

My New Home. . . .

I have landed here and in a day have settled in quite nicely.  My domain had been purchased sometime ago and I finally decided to get a host and fire things up.  DreamHost really seems to have their stuff together.  I stumbled on to them as a result of James Vornov’s blog and now have committed to using them.  Dr. Vornov has a fascinating background with both a PhD and an MD.  His site is currently dedicated to the exploration of photography.  The colors in ‘Hay Field Sunset’ are nothing short of fantastic.  Check it out.