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The Leader, The Caretaker, The Counselor

I have long been a huge fan of Patrick Lencioni’s book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. I highly recommend reading it at work and more importantly, seeking executive sponsorship to read it as a group and discuss how it’s teachings can be incorporated into your own organization. The message of the book is to be accountable and have enough trust in your business relationships that you can get in each other’s face about the quality of your deliverables. Like any good book, it gets referenced a lot and I was recently thinking about Leadership versus Management. There is a […]

The Power of Visualization: Realizing your Future in Today.

I have a friend and former colleague that has been fighting cancer this past year.  I am reaching the age in my life where such things can happen and as I witness these happenings, I am reminded how we really are. . . all of us. . . dying.   Youth is beautiful, vital, and life affirming which makes it so powerful a force to have in a company.  When individuals are young, things are done with the spirit of ‘why not?’ versus ‘why bother?’ Although many young companies learn the tough lesson of choice; they learn the lesson of […]

Up for the challenge. . . the value of the internet

Technology Entertainment and Design, i.e. TED: This resource alone should justify the Internet’s existence and help people understand that by virtue of this new medium, we have a vehicle for sharing:  ideas, emotions, and experiences. I am a huge fan of Jonathan Harris and his recent project was presented recently at TED in Los Angeles. The latest video not only covers that project but also serves to provide an overall background of what he is doing in general. It’s not just the wizardry or creativity of the interfaces he develops but the human experience that is being shared and […]

The real power of the internet – you are not alone.

This past week was a vivid reminder of how the Internet might have even been able to save some one’s life.  A young man, barely out of high school, just outside of Philadelphia, PA, took his life.  My sister-in-law is very close to the family and spent many a night and day baby-sitting and raising this young man over the years.  While the people that remain must puzzle through the pain and loss, I can’t help but think how little he really experienced in life to warrant making such a bold and final decision. One amazing value about the Internet […]

Gone. . . but not forgotten

On June 22, 2008 George Carlin, famed comedian and social observer passed away.  It was just a little longer then that when my wife and I managed to cue up George Carlin’s latest recorded show: “It’s Bad For Ya”  Truly hilarious and something worth cherishing.  I saw somewhere an individual commented that “Carlin had faded a little bit, but with this show he really had regained his glory.”  It’s rather poetic that in this final recorded HBO show he discusses just how long you should keep somebody in your address book after they have passed.  Carlin with emphasis declares that […]