run hard, or go home
run hard, or go home

First Cut: Key Comparison of Apple/AT&T versus Google/T-Mobile.A

If you are looking for the nuts and bolts differentiators between the iPhone and HTC’s Dream see below:

Apple iPhone:

1.  Known quantity.  Good, bad or indifferent it’s been on the market for a full year plus.

2.  Fully programmable soft keys and interfaces makes the phone capable of handling change over time.

3.  Tight integration with photos and music.  

Google G1 (i.e. HTC Dream):

1.  Full querty keyboard accessible via a slide away touch screen.  Similar to the interfaces created for the HTC 8525 deployed through AT&T.

2.  Google StreetView is integrated into a compass positional feature in the phone.  As you turn holding the phone out in front of you while turning, the display mirrors the compass position on the Google StreetView map.  

3.  Has had the advantage of watching Apple stumble for a year in the market place.  They can deploy out of the box already improving on the shortfalls of Apple.

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