run hard, or go home
run hard, or go home

Interviewing & Opportunities: Quantity versus Quality

It’s very important to remember that any job search or career change will take an inherent length of time.

Gone are the days when 10 years ago you could have not just one but multiple job offers inside of 24 hours.  In the hay day of the technical boom that was a distinct reality.

Consistent networking will land you your next job.  Focus on following up with people that you meet out-and-about and resist making assumptions about silence.

People are moving at 110 mph these days and it’s a challenge for anybody to keep all the plates spinning in their lives.  Your persistent will make it that much easier for the people in your network to do the most good for you.

Work to maintain a certain level of activity because when you are looking for a job it’s a sales job: you are selling yourself and there will need to be some raw numbers:  phone-screens, face-to-face interviews, second-rounds prior to getting that actual offer.

If you begin to assemble a trail of passed opportunities, you really need to dig into your experiences and objectively assess weather you are doing the most with your opportunities that you have been given.

At times like this, it might be best to seek out some candid feedback from a staffing professional or close friend so that you can begin to invest your energy in those opportunities which will yield the greatest results.

Best of Luck. . .

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