run hard, or go home
run hard, or go home

Gmail Value Chain: Another little gem – Whakate.

Another little gem brought to you by the Gmail Value Chain. . . Whakate.  It posits itself as a community and project focused on the designing of one’s life.  Positioning itself against David Allen‘s Getting Things Done.


GTD Book Cover
GTD - A Classic!

I am a huge fan of David Allen and my copy of GTD is very worn.  Maybe that is the point of Whakate when they say that GTD is too complex a system.  I have read David’s book, will tell you that I value it, and yet really have little to show in my external daily life that I give it so much regard.

What you need to acknowledge with David Allen’s system, and this is huge . . .

He gives very detailed information on how to implement everything along with the reasons why he is making certain decisions.

The value is that you have both a system, already mapped out, as well as the foundational principles to modify it towards your need.  I can’t tell you the number of times people have described an end state but can’t explain on how to get there.  His approach may not be the best system for all people. . . but it’s at least well defined and teachable.

I will never forget the resonating words of a Marine handing out boots as I was being processed through the recruit depot in San Diego; when presented with my indecision about my boot size, he exclaimed without missing a beat. . . 

“Private, let me give you a word of advice which will serve you well. . . It’s far better to go in a bad direction, then no direction at all.”

Check out Whakate, check out David Allen’s books, decide for yourself, but most importantly. . . make a decision.

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