run hard, or go home
run hard, or go home

My Job: Where did it go?

The past 2 weeks, like 9/11, has fundamentally changed the world we live in.  Like a series of dominoes, destined to fall down, the various power-houses of the financial service industry have all begun to give way to the momentum created by the mortgage sub-prime debacle.  Roll up your sleeves, because your job search just got really hard-core.

Now, more then ever, you must re-evaluate your strengths and weaknesses as an employee so as to put your best foot forward.   Refine what you can bring to the table, perfect the message, and be focused on delivering it consistently.

Anthony Balderrama, a CareerBuilder writer and blogger, established a 25 point do’s and don’t list which was carried by CNN News back in May.  It’s very relevant now and maybe more then ever.

While you won’t ‘stick the landing‘ on every interview, you have to make each one count.

Check it out and see which ones you already knew about while looking for those that may have slipped your mind.

Happy hunting.

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