Standing tall while listening to the ‘Song of Silence’

The most difficult thing to experience when searching for a new opportunity is awaiting feedback.  You must keep your cool in the face of little to no feedback. This is a must! Accept the fact that you may never know ‘Why’ a particular company doesn’t pursue you and it has nothing to do with you specifically.  Jumping to the conclusions will tear you up inside so resist the urge. I always tell candidates that if it’s meant to be, it will happen.  This may sound trite and axiomatic, but the fact is that if a particular company does not handle […]

Let the games begin!

Just as you thought all the excitement surrounding sport and competition was over with the closing of the games in Beijing, you are just in time for one of the most interesting face-offs in history:  Apple versus Google. For those not with a geek or technical focus, Google has developed a mobile phone software system and it has been code named Android. Very much like Google, they developed the system and then released it to the tech community with visions of fame and fortune in the form a of a contest for developers. With applications now written a very big […]

Up for the challenge. . . the value of the internet

Technology Entertainment and Design, i.e. TED: This resource alone should justify the Internet’s existence and help people understand that by virtue of this new medium, we have a vehicle for sharing:  ideas, emotions, and experiences. I am a huge fan of Jonathan Harris and his recent project was presented recently at TED in Los Angeles. The latest video not only covers that project but also serves to provide an overall background of what he is doing in general. It’s not just the wizardry or creativity of the interfaces he develops but the human experience that is being shared and […]

Attitude is everything. . .

I was looking for comments today since last night I put up my initial version of  Somemone noted that my tag line at the top was a bit intense: ‘run hard, or go home.’  I know what this individual meant and ultimately he felt that it was a decent statement because it was meant constructively, but I feel that further explaining is needed. I recently read Seth Godin’s ‘The Dip.’  I mentioned it before on the blog.  The spirit of the book is just that – be fully committed or seek another venue.  It’s challenging to live life consistently […]

The real power of the internet – you are not alone.

This past week was a vivid reminder of how the Internet might have even been able to save some one’s life.  A young man, barely out of high school, just outside of Philadelphia, PA, took his life.  My sister-in-law is very close to the family and spent many a night and day baby-sitting and raising this young man over the years.  While the people that remain must puzzle through the pain and loss, I can’t help but think how little he really experienced in life to warrant making such a bold and final decision. One amazing value about the Internet […]

iPhone ActiveSync. . . the missing link.

Apple’s adoption of ActiveSync for the iPhone is awesome.  ActiveSync now makes it possible to get all of your corporate email, contacts, and calendar synced to your phone.  However, you have to use it exclusively. If I have personal contacts that I don’t want to be pushed to my corporate work account, I don’t have the ability of keeping them off the company’s server.  Or let’s say I want to mark my calendar with a particular appointment that I don’t want to have appear on my company sponsored account.  Not possible. Allowing the user to select what information is propagated and where […]

The role of a recruiter

I just read a post out on the Internet which was written barely a year ago which does a pretty good job of explaining what the value of a recruiter is in your overall search strategy and then goes on to explain the difference between a contingency and retained search recruiter.  Check out the post at your leisure. Cheryl Lynch Simpson advocates for retained search in the end exclusively and in doing so glosses over some basic facts.  There is not inherently greater value in retained versus contingency, each has it’s place, features, and role. Retained firms establish arrangements with […]

Bio-informatics. . . . the last place I would have thought?

This past weekend I went with the family to Orlando for a final fling of the summer and was reminded that it’s often times in the most unsuspecting places one finds bio-informatics.  When you enter the park at the Magic Kingdom you slide your ticket in and behold, place your right index finger on a touch pad for scanning.  A couple of things comes to mind:  What do they do with all that data?  Are my rights being violated?  Is it possible they are actually partnering with Homeland Security and hoping that the bad guys in their spare time are […]

Fuzer. . .one solution to email aggregation.

There appears to already be some movement afoot in the email aggregation space.  A new service is in private beta called Fuser.  This service does not attempt to replicate mail but effectively provides an interface that points and communicates to all the necessary systems under the covers.  I have checked it out and it appears to be compelling.  What I like right out of the box is that if you respond to a message, then it appears as if it came from that address.  I wonder if there is a mobile phone interface. . . like for the iPhone maybe? […]

Mobile email – caught between the push and the pull

I am getting very excited with the up and coming expiration of my existing cell phone contract.  I will be getting an iPhone.  My wife will have hers before me since she will qualify for the discounted price of the phone sooner but I anticipate that in the not too distant future I will also share in the experience.  I currently have an HTC phone running Windows Mobile 5.0.  I have had various mixed experiences with managing my email through this phone and it has dawned on me that there is a missing service:  a unified email portal that aggregates […]