Career Management. . . Coarse 101

There is one lesson, consistently, I mean consistently mismanaged by most technologists:  their network. Ironically, it’s what gives birth to the staffing industry because when it comes time to move on to a new position, individuals are at a loss on who to call.  It’s not surprising.  Many of the individuals which are highly successful in technology or finance and accounting tend to be extremely introverted people.  They focus on the task at hand; they grind away until the resulting product or deliverable has a sharp point on it.  Ironically, the very skill set that enables them to produce that […]

Watch where you ‘P’ — OpenSorce Branding – Part 2

I have already commented on the power of snappy acronyms to aid in marketing an idea.  But like anything, be careful what you start because if OpenSource has taught us anything, having the freedom to go wherever the wind takes you may leave you explaining to everyone on how the boat ended up at SKULL Island.  I am not saying that you are going to be left to struggle with an 80 foot gorilla who goes by the name of Kong but let’s just say that after you fight through the ensuing confusion you might feel like you have.  What […]

Apple iPhone. . . why it’s so much bigger then actual size.

The iPhone represents a paradigm shift in computing.  It’s presence in the market represents the first time consumers have access to technology that up to now has only been baking in the lab:  multi-touch.  Check out Jeff Han’s company: Perceptive Pixel  Jeff is a hardware systems researcher at NYU that is exploring the possibilities with multi-touch in a very big way.  His global visibility came when his TED talk, given back in 2006 showing him play with a large flat panel system was posted.  I watch Jeff’s presentation on TED as well as the demo video on his website and realize […]

The little book. . . . with a big message.

Seth Godin’s latest little morsel of published info comes in the form of an 80 page book.  It’s a breath of fresh air:  The Dip, A Little book that teaches you when to quit (and when to stick).  His basic message, in a new world order, i.e. post-internet, niche-markets are the norm.  Identify what your niche is, and own it.  If you aren’t going to be first, go home!  The rewards are there for those who want to do what it takes to be No. 1.  Those that are second and third very quickly blur into the masses that represent […]

Gone. . . but not forgotten

On June 22, 2008 George Carlin, famed comedian and social observer passed away.  It was just a little longer then that when my wife and I managed to cue up George Carlin’s latest recorded show: “It’s Bad For Ya”  Truly hilarious and something worth cherishing.  I saw somewhere an individual commented that “Carlin had faded a little bit, but with this show he really had regained his glory.”  It’s rather poetic that in this final recorded HBO show he discusses just how long you should keep somebody in your address book after they have passed.  Carlin with emphasis declares that […]

My New Home. . . .

I have landed here and in a day have settled in quite nicely.  My domain had been purchased sometime ago and I finally decided to get a host and fire things up.  DreamHost really seems to have their stuff together.  I stumbled on to them as a result of James Vornov’s blog and now have committed to using them.  Dr. Vornov has a fascinating background with both a PhD and an MD.  His site is currently dedicated to the exploration of photography.  The colors in ‘Hay Field Sunset’ are nothing short of fantastic.  Check it out.

Remember to FOSS – an observation in OpenSource branding – Part 1

I recently came across a term on LinkedIn – FOSS.  Aside from having an incredibly amazing sound to it – as acronyms go – I couldn’t help but wonder what possibly could it mean?  Being a bit of an acronym geek and proud of being able to discern almost anything, I felt a sudden loss in blood pressure when I realized that I had absolutely no clue.  For a moment I envisioned some sort of Gen-X Dental Hygiene Club that met on weekends to evaluate and test various types of dental floss.   Fortunately, I was wrong.  Free OpenSource Software […]