My Job: Where did it go?

The past 2 weeks, like 9/11, has fundamentally changed the world we live in.  Like a series of dominoes, destined to fall down, the various power-houses of the financial service industry have all begun to give way to the momentum created by the mortgage sub-prime debacle.  Roll up your sleeves, because your job search just got really hard-core. Now, more then ever, you must re-evaluate your strengths and weaknesses as an employee so as to put your best foot forward.   Refine what you can bring to the table, perfect the message, and be focused on delivering it consistently. Anthony […]

The Leader, The Caretaker, The Counselor

I have long been a huge fan of Patrick Lencioni’s book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. I highly recommend reading it at work and more importantly, seeking executive sponsorship to read it as a group and discuss how it’s teachings can be incorporated into your own organization. The message of the book is to be accountable and have enough trust in your business relationships that you can get in each other’s face about the quality of your deliverables. Like any good book, it gets referenced a lot and I was recently thinking about Leadership versus Management. There is a […]

The Power of Visualization: Realizing your Future in Today.

I have a friend and former colleague that has been fighting cancer this past year.  I am reaching the age in my life where such things can happen and as I witness these happenings, I am reminded how we really are. . . all of us. . . dying.   Youth is beautiful, vital, and life affirming which makes it so powerful a force to have in a company.  When individuals are young, things are done with the spirit of ‘why not?’ versus ‘why bother?’ Although many young companies learn the tough lesson of choice; they learn the lesson of […]

Gmail Value Chain: Another little gem – Whakate.

Another little gem brought to you by the Gmail Value Chain. . . Whakate.  It posits itself as a community and project focused on the designing of one’s life.  Positioning itself against David Allen‘s Getting Things Done.   I am a huge fan of David Allen and my copy of GTD is very worn.  Maybe that is the point of Whakate when they say that GTD is too complex a system.  I have read David’s book, will tell you that I value it, and yet really have little to show in my external daily life that I give it so much […]

The Labor Department: hits the nail on the head. . .

I was quite surprised, but pleasantly. . . that the Labor Department was dead on with how to approach a job search.  I recently came across a resource online and it suggests in the article that: “Directly contacting employers is one of the most successful means of job hunting. Through library and Internet research, develop a list of potential employers in your desired career field. Then call these employers and check their Web sites for job openings. Web sites and business directories can tell you how to apply for a position or whom to contact. Even if no open positions […]

Interviewing & Opportunities: Quantity versus Quality

It’s very important to remember that any job search or career change will take an inherent length of time. Gone are the days when 10 years ago you could have not just one but multiple job offers inside of 24 hours.  In the hay day of the technical boom that was a distinct reality. Consistent networking will land you your next job.  Focus on following up with people that you meet out-and-about and resist making assumptions about silence. People are moving at 110 mph these days and it’s a challenge for anybody to keep all the plates spinning in their […]

Claytronics: 3D Faxing. . . excuse me, what did you say?

I recently saw a special on the Discovery Channel that profiled 3D Faxing.  Yes you read correctly. Likewise, my jaw literally hit the floor while I was watching this special.  I managed to find a clip out on YouTube.  In more general form the subject is referred to 3D dynamic rendering. Claytronics refers to the research project currently underway at Carnegie Mellon.  Here is the clip of what is coming of the lab shortly to a store near you.  Timeline to-be-determined.

First Cut: Key Comparison of Apple/AT&T versus Google/T-Mobile.A

If you are looking for the nuts and bolts differentiators between the iPhone and HTC’s Dream see below: Apple iPhone: 1.  Known quantity.  Good, bad or indifferent it’s been on the market for a full year plus. 2.  Fully programmable soft keys and interfaces makes the phone capable of handling change over time. 3.  Tight integration with photos and music.   Google G1 (i.e. HTC Dream): 1.  Full querty keyboard accessible via a slide away touch screen.  Similar to the interfaces created for the HTC 8525 deployed through AT&T. 2.  Google StreetView is integrated into a compass positional feature in […]

Google Apps – Gmail and the real value chain.

As I was setting up my own domain, my hosting provider (DreamHost — they are awesome!), offered something that I was not aware about.   I could use Google to manage my email.  Really? Having been a trusted user of Gmail when it came out years ago, I was ecstatic at the notion.  But to run it from my own domain?  Yep.  You can have and have it managed through Google using Google Apps. Corporate IT executives I believe are missing a huge opportunity to outsource their entire email infrastructure. Email has become one of the most vital pieces […]

The Private Beta – a lesson in innovation and research

Recently I was taking notice of more and more private betas which was really making me frustrated because if you are curious about a new product or service, you want to be allowed to try it. In short, the effect that most companies are going for I get and understand.  By virtue of being a curious person, If I can’t even poke under the covers then I become genuinely upset and. . . even more curious. As I was getting ready to write this entry, I did a quick tap on the Internet to see if anyone was talking about […]